• Theodore Nelson (CC ‘24) serves as the President of the Activities Board, having previously been Treasurer (2022-2023) and Academic Representative (2021-2023). His engagement within undergraduate student life is multifaceted, bridging the humanities and natural sciences. He is the President of Systems Biology Initiative, the Space Microbiology Co-Lead in Columbia Space Initiative, the Treasurer for the Terence Cardinal Cooke At Your Service Volunteer Program and a Crisis Director for Columbia’s High School Model United Nations Conferences, hosted by the Columbia International Relations Council and Association. As a member of ABC, he is excited by the large influx of new groups within the Academic category, and the subsequent expansion in academic-based debate and programming within the post-COVID campus environment. 


    Peer-Reviewed Publications

    Nelson, T.M.; Ghosh, S.; Postler, T.S. L-RAPiT: A Cloud-Based Computing Pipeline for the Analysis of Long-Read RNA Sequencing Data. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 202223, 15851.

    Jones, C.; et al. The SpaceX Inspiration4 Mission: biomedical research, multi-omics, cognitive, and physiological metrics from the first civilian orbital spaceflight. Nature. 2023, [accepted]

    Grigorev, K.; Nelson, T.M.; Overbey, E.; et al. Direct RNA sequencing of astronauts reveals spaceflight-associated epitranscriptome changes and stress-related transcriptional responses. Nature Communications. 2023, [accepted]

    Overbey, E.; et al. The Space Omics and Medical Atlas (SOMA): A comprehensive data resource and biobank for astronauts. Nature. 2023, [in revision]


    Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

    Nelson, T.M.; From Research to Researcher: How Collaboration Forms a Scientific Mind. Columbia Undergraduate Research Blog2022, [link

    Nelson, T.M.; Glass Half Full or Empty: Illuminating the Human Transcriptome. RCSS Journal of Undergraduate Research, Vol. 5, Pg. 10, 2023, [link]

    Nelson, T.M.; From Research to Researcher: Producing Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable Data. Columbia Undergraduate Research Blog2023, [link]

  • Tay (she/her) serves as the pre-professional representative of the Activity Board. She enjoys being an advocate for the community and promoting professional development through this role. On campus she is also in CORE, serves as an RA and works at the radio station.

  • Madison Garrett (CC’26) is a rising sophomore running for the position of Black Representative for the ABC Board. Serving as Founder & President of the Black Pre-Law Society, Vice President of Communications for Columbia’s Black Gen Chapter, Vice President of Soul Food, Alumni Chair of Black Student Organization, Podcast Contributor of Undergraduate Law Review and Sound Engineer for The Black Theatre Ensemble’s “A Raisin In The Sun”, Madison is well-aware of the concerns and issues facing the identify groups she yearns to represent, and is hoping to highlight and help resolve their anxieties. With event-planning experience, background in diversity training, organizational skills, and experience in fiscal responsibility, Madison plans to effectively serve the interests of Activities Board Groups as a representative, as well as provide a fresh perspective for reforming the recognition process for emerging groups in addition to providing guidance to those seeking New Group Recognition.

  • Julian Infante (CC ’25) serves as the Vice President of the Activities Board, having previously been Dance Representative. He has been engaged with student life since he got to Columbia, holding various leadership positions in different student groups. Julian’s aim would be to reform existing policies and processes to make life easier for groups to program events.

  • Jessica Lee (CC’25) is a rising junior studying Cognitive Science and Dance and will be the ABC Dance Representative for the 2023-2024 academic year. Jessica has been deeply involved with the dance community and is currently an active member of Sabor Latinx Dance Troupe, CU Generation, Raw Elementz, Columbia Dance Team, and Columbia Repertory Ballet, with several leadership positions throughout the teams. Outside of dance, Jessica is the Resident Advisor of the Sigma Delta Tau Brownstone and is working in the Neurobiology Hochrainer Lab at Weill Cornell Medical School. She is passionate about social justice and aims to use her form of expression and communication to create effective societal change and is excited to be a part of this leadership committee to further assist student dance groups on campus.

  • Jack Walker (he/him) (CC’24) served as the Publications Representative from 2021 to 2024. Jack is studying political science and art history on the pre-law track. He has been actively engaged with the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review since 2020, having served in myriad positions including executive editor of the summer publishing program. Jack has also been involved in several similarly oriented research projects in the political science department and at the School of International and Public Affairs, most recently as a CC Summer Research Fellow. These experiences have informed his commitment to the publication of undergraduate scholarship and he looks forward to continuing to expand its accessibility and reach on campus.

  • Ijeoma Obi (she/her) (SEAS’24) is a rising senior who will serve as the engineering Representative for the 2023 - 2024 academic year. Ijeoma majors in Biomedical Engineering and minors in political science. She has served as the VP of Public Affairs for the Columbia Debate Society (2021-2023) and serves on the board of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Additionally, Ijeoma has conducted research focused on synthetic biology (2021-2023) and in her freetime enjoys giving back by tutoring students in STEM and volunteering in the community. She hopes to provide guidance to Engineering groups and help shape the engineering community on campus. 

  • Dhwani Sreenivas (SEAS’25) is the current Academic Clubs Representative of the Activities Board at Columbia. She is a junior at Columbia Engineering studying Computer Science and Economics. In addition to ABC, Dhwani is involved with research at the Neurological Institute of New York and was previously a staff engineer at the Columbia Daily Spectator. Dhwani loves giving back to her community, whether it be through ABC, tutoring, or even as a course assistant. She hopes to advocate for events and other ways to build camaraderie on campus, and is looking forward to supporting the academic clubs community.

  • Dennis Zhang (CC ‘24) serves as a Technology Director for the Activities Board. He’s currently the president of STRIVE (a mentorship program for youth with sickle cell disease) and At Your Service (a volunteering program that provides companionship to those with Huntington’s disease). He has experience managing the web presence of two other student organizations (namely At Your Service and the Research Cluster on Science & Subjectivity), and is dedicated to increasing student access to resources and opportunities. He firmly believes that the Activities Board website is a useful medium to do just that, and is excited to leverage this expertise towards revamping the organization’s digital presence.

  • Connie Tran (CC’24) is an economics major and current Media Representative. Connie is an experienced ABC board member, having previously served as ABC President, ABC Secretary, and Music Representative. During her time as President, she successfully ratified changes to ABC's Constitution, codifying student group auditing procedures and revisions to spending guidelines. 

  • Christina Xiao (CC’25) is the current Treasurer and East Asian Representative of the Activities Board at Columbia. She is a junior at Columbia College studying Economics and Computer Science. In addition to ABC, Christina is involved with the Asian American Alliance and Columbia Venture Partners. Christina is especially excited by the connections and communities that form as a result of the programming put forth by ABC groups, and is therefore committed to ensuring the healthy growth, changes, and expansions of student organizations at Columbia University.

  • Celeste Lamadrid (SEAS’26) is serving as the Special Interest Group Representative for the 2023-2024 academic year. Celeste is currently the President of the Columbia University Minecraft Club (CMC), Secretary of the Columbia University Robotics Club (CURC), and Co-Lead of the Pacbot Subteam for Robotics Club. She also has involvement in Columbia Space Initiative and EcoReps. Celeste is an avid enjoyer of movies, video games, and getting lost in the YouTube algorithm! As Special Interest Representative, she hopes to bring a vibrant and fun flair to campus by supporting clubs that foster diverse interests and provide an inviting community. 

  • Cairo Yépez (he/him) (CC'24) is a rising senior studying Cognitive Science and  will serve as the ABC Latinx Groups Representative for the 2023-2024 academic year. Cairo has been involved with Chicanx Caucus since 2021, where he served as Co-Chair and helped create one of the largest, most vibrant Latine communities on campus after the pandemic. He is also currently a senior editor for CU Grey Matters, and a research assistant in the Social Cognitive and Neural Sciences Lab where he will be working on his thesis. As the Latine rep, Cairo will work towards empowering Latine voices on campus, and meet other community leaders.

  • Caden Burkman (CC’26) is a rising sophomore studying political science and economics on the pre-law track. In his time at Columbia, Caden has enjoyed time in the Barnard and Columbia Choir and in Columbia Nonsequitur, experiences which have both provided him with unique opportunities to make music with like-minded individuals. In addition to making music, Caden is eager to increase the opportunities available to music-based student groups and understands that there are many ways in which the music community at Columbia can be expanded, strengthened, and bettered. This past year, Caden served as a Business Manager for Nonsequitur A Cappella and, as a result, has much experience communicating with the University in order to acquire funds, advance interests of the group, and much more. As the Music Representative for ABC, Caden will work to increase communication amongst music groups at Columbia, campaign for expanded on campus performance opportunities, and advocate for the interests of music groups at Columbia to the Activities Board at Columbia.

  • Boss Pornprasert (CC '25) serves as the South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander Representative on the Activities Board at Columbia. He is currently a junior at Columbia College studying East Asian studies with a focus on Japan. In the previous academic year, Boss took on the role of Co-President at the Columbia Thai Club. Additionally, he is an active member of Columbia Gagaku, where he plays the Hichiriki instrument for this traditional Japanese Imperial Court music ensemble. In his free] time, he enjoys exploring the city and cooking Thai food. As a member of ABC, Boss hopes to increase the visibility of South, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander students on campus.

  • Armando Gimenez (He/Him) serves as the Indigenous Representative of the Activity Board. He is a Sophomore at Columbia College studying Psychology and Creative Writing, hoping to enter Law School. He is also involved in other extracurriculars, such as the Columbia University Culinary Society and Black Pre-Law Society.

  • Ania Krzyżańska (SEAS '25) is the European/Middle Eastern group representative in ABC. She is currently the Vice President of the Polish Student Society and hopes to foster an environment where cultural groups on campus have ample support and guidance from ABC when growing their clubs and hosting events. Aside from this, Ania is also involved in Columbia Science Olympiad, the Columbia Space Initiative's Rocketry team, and Columbia Tae Kwon Do. She checks her email religiously, so if you ever need a quick response, feel free to reach out.

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