Group Fundraising

In addition to our the ABC allocations that our groups receive, the sources below represent a vast list of available options for groups looking to raise funds on their own to generate revenue.


Restaurants around campus have opportunities for student clubs and organizations to partner with them to host fundraisers. Vendors will agree to contribute a percentage of their sales that occur during the time of the fundraiser towards a student group or organization. Student groups campaign and market the fundraiser on campus and among their social groups, asking people to go to said establishment and mention their group as they make their purchase. Please note that only sales made with the mention of the student group will contribute to the donation towards the group.

Here a few local vendors that offer fundraising opportunities:


Using your current revenue, as group can also easily generate additional revenue with a bake sale. Purchase baking supplies from the local supermarket to make cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or other baked goods. Then, book a table on Lerner Ramps and sell your goods for 2 - 3 times the production cost. For example, if one package of mix costs ~$5 and makes 12 cupcakes, and you sell at a price of $1 per cupcake, groups make over 100% profit.

Clubs often decorate their table with banners, flyers, and other club paraphernalia to make their presence more robust. Call out to students who pass by and engage with them to tell them more about your club, what you are trying to accomplish, and ask them to buy a baked good in support of your cause. Based on testimonials from ABC groups, you can frequently raise between $200 - $250 per bake sale!


Reaching out to other clubs on campus and inquiring about co-sponsoring your event is another way to receive internal funding. Through LionLink, student groups can transfer allocation funds into the accounts of other student groups. Although co-sponsorships usually come in the form of small payments (e.g., $50 - $100), they can still be helpful in funding events.