The Activities Board at Columbia (ABC) has been supporting student groups at Columbia University since its inception in 1998. 

ABC is part of Columbia’s student government responsible for recognizing and funding student groups on campus. We work with student councils, the Columbia administration, and the four other undergraduate governing boards to promote student life at Columbia. Our groups have a broad range of functions, including pre-professional, academic, competition, cultural, special interest, performance, publication, media, performing arts and large scale events.


  • Representing and serving the interests of our groups

  • Making recommendations for new group recognition to the Columbia administration

  • Allocating funds and approving expenditures of recognized groups

  • Setting funding and policy guidelines for recognized groups

  • Enforcing guidelines through a Judiciary Committee

  • De-recognizing defunct groups


The Board has three standing committees: Policy, Finance, and Outreach.


The Policy Committee pursues projects to improve student group programming.


The Finance Committee focuses on addressing policies and issues groups face when dealing with money. This includes group access to their own funds and examining any restrictions on the waya they spend. This committee has a two-pronged focus - deepening ABC's understanding of how groups deal with money and pursuing initiatives to make it easier.


The Outreach Committee focuses on informing ABC groups of resources and relevant developments through various methods, such as social media and the newly established weekly office hours.