ABC Co-Sponsorships


The ABC General Co-Sponsorship is a fund set up by ABC to provide additional funding to our groups when they need it. This co-sponsorship is geared toward providing additional funding that will go toward truly enhancing our groups' programming. In this vein, groups should apply to the ABC Co-Sponsorship for events they have previously put on but wish to expand and improve. If you are interested in applying for ABC co-sponsorship, talk to your rep and fill out the form below. 

Remember, the more specific you are about why you need the money and what exactly it is going toward, the better your chances of getting receiving the co-sponsorship.

ABC will try its best to complete a group’s General Co-Sponsorship request, but we cannot guarantee that every funding request will always be fulfilled.

Please see here for the ABC Co-Sponsorship Application.

Note: Co-Sponsorship applications are CLOSED until the end of the 2023-2024 Academic Year.